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Updated timeline

The Application URL for the "IIT Bombay FOSSEE GIS Internship and Summer Fellowship" has been sent to all the Champions, Winners, and the Notable Participants of "IIT Bombay FOSSEE Mapathon 2023 (Edition III)
Application last date June 10, 2023
IIT Bombay FOSSEE GIS Internship start date : June 15, 2023 (remote mode/ flexible timings)
IIT Bombay FOSSEE GIS Summer Fellowship start date: June 15, 2023 (tentative)

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About Mapathon

Mapathon is a map making competition for creating thematic maps, using open source data and mapping software. It is a collaborative event where participants come together to develop new tools/methods that improve the accuracy and usefulness of maps for a community. The FOSSEE team at IIT Bombay, along with its partners (earlier partners were AICTE, ISRO) will invite all Indians - to produce maps using various data (e.g. observation data, remote sensing data, crowdsourced data, etc.). The primary objective is to understand the potential of remote sensing data and make maps for Indian regions using free open source mapping software (e.g.: QGIS). The participants will collectively work in a crowd sourcing method for jointly producing thematic maps of India.

The data collected from various platforms have tremendous potential in mapping India’s resources, agriculture, climate and disaster management, rural and urban planning and in identifying pathways for future development. Such maps can be created using Free open Source platforms (such as QGIS). Let us join together to create such maps through the Mapathon.

Mapathon also aims to develop indigenous capacity to customize and employ mapping to resolve societal challenges and create new opportunities for young India.-. The primary objective is to understand the potential of open source mapping and maps for Indian regions and to build capacity for the same.

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Eligibility to participate

  • The IIT Bombay-FOSSEE-Mapathon is open ‘ONLY FOR INDIAN NATIONALS’.
  • Students, Scholars, Faculty who have are currently pursuing a degree in any field of Science or Engineering with adequate knowledge on creating maps/ GIS, Remote Sensing, Environment, Geography, Geology, Policy, Statistics, Policy, Medicine, Management, Urban Planning, Rural Development or any related domain are eligible to participate.
  • Graduates holding a degree in any of the related domains (as mentioned above) are eligible to participate.
  • Professionals working in the GIS industry are also eligible to participate.
  • Indian students pursuing their education abroad, mainly those from G20 countries are allowed as well.

Note: All the participants of the “IIT Bombay-FOSSEE-Mapathon’ are expected to mandatorily adhere to the mandates of this event. For more details, please refer to..

Team size and Composition

You can participate as an individual or as a team (max. 04 members + 01 mentor). Ideally, a team should have people with basic mapping expertise. The team can have a mentor (e.g. faculty, teacher, etc.), however the exercise should be done by the team. Mentors can mentor multiple teams.

Each participant/ mentor will be issued only one certificate.

Mapathon Themes

    Agriculture Hydrology
    Drones Civil Engineering
    Case Study with Policy impacts Oceanography
    Forestry Gaming
    Remote Sensing Landscaping
    Geology Geostatistics
    Groundwater GIS in Medical Sciences
    Transport City Planning
    Transport Glacier
    Internet based Case Study Land Use Land Cover of Districts in India
    Media GIS Case Study Medicine
    Environmental Municipal GIS Case Study
    Urban GIS Case Study Mining GIS Case Study
    Refineries in India Automobile GIS Case Study
    Nautical GIS Case Study Ocean GIS Case Study
    Oil & Gas GIS Case Study Park GIS Case Study
    Government GIS Case Study Real Estate GIS Case Study
    Societal GIS Case Study Soil GIS Case Study
    Sports GIS Case Study Geodesy GIS Case Study
    Telecommunication GIS Case Study Tourism GIS Case Study
    Transmission GIS Case Study Spatial Billing Systems
    Street view measure Weather GIS Case Study
    Smart city Smart village
    Any other theme can be proposed (subject to approval by IIT Bombay-FOSSEE-GIS team)
  • Mapping of natural resources/man-made features
  • Natural Resources Change Detection 
  • LULC Change with hotspots using LULC maps from Bhuvan
  • Flood Maps
  • State-wise Health Care Indicators Maps
  • Locust infestation / Stubble burning / Low lying areas / Low lying areas / Jhum Cultivation
  • Road Network  and Road Quality / Drainage Maps
  • Land Degradation Maps
  • Health infra, population, age group etc. for Vaccination
  • Detection of change in Waterbodies / Reservoirs / Wetlands
  • Crop / Plantation  type map
  • Amenities map 
  • Water source and quality mapping
  • Population crowding/ traffic hotspots
  • Network coverage maps
  • Local markets/produce/employment maps 
  • Map of waste segregation and collection points
  • Mapping places of cultural importance
  • Choose your own topic

Data and Helpful Resources for Mapathon

The maps can be created at National/State/District level boundaries using any 'open source' data. :

For boundary data/materials, you may visit the Survey of India portal

Note: The user is liable for the correct use of Indian national boundaries, if represented in the maps.

Partners and Organisers

Knowledge Partners

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Mapathon Organizing Team

Contact Us

Mohamed Kasim Khan

Program Manager, FOSSEE-GIS

Indian Institute of Technology Bombay

gis; mohamedkasim@iitb.ac.in