Submission Guidelines and Evaluation Criteria

Every team lead will be provided with a Moodle Link and registration number to submit the teams's work from April 11, 2023. Details on how to submit will also be sent to the registered email ID of the Team Leader. The total attachments should be capped at a max of 100 MB per team.

The submission is a two-step process (a) submit map/maps and (b) submit a one-page document about your map.

  1. a) Map submission:
  1. For your problem statement, the maps can be created at National/State/District level boundaries using any 'open source' data. Resources).
  2. Make the maps for your study area (For boundary data/materials, you may visit the Survey of India portal. Note: The user is liable for the correct use of Indian national boundaries, if represented in the maps. Survey of India portal link).
  3. If you have any questions on using GIS you may refer to our basic materials here or use any other open-source software materials.
  4. While preparing the maps
    • Make sure to add a title to the map.
    • Make sure to add legends to the map along with the North arrow.
    • Make sure to add your details on the map (e.g. like in a text box).
    • Make sure to add the SDG/ theme.

Since we will be archiving and promoting these maps for public use in FOSSEE (A project developed at IIT Bombay, and funded through NMEICT, Ministry of Education, Government of India and The Rural Data Research and Analysis Lab, IIT Bombay, please add details so that anyone interested may contact you regarding the map (e.g. email, name). This will give more visibility to your work. You can submit any number of maps, as long as your total submission is within 100 MB. Please submit your maps in JPG or PDF format only.

  1. b) A brief report:
  1. In your report, please make sure you add the source of data, steps and methodology (which can include, but not limited to):
    • Mention the data used.
    • Specific steps in GIS.
    • Complexities, if any involved. (this carries significant percentage of marks)
  2. Please add a paragraph on the application and use of these maps.

A model submission can be obtained here, and you can find the same template here.


The submission link has been sent to the Team Lead's registered email ID. Please check your 'spam-folder' if the registration mail is not found in your Inbox. Check for a mail from . If the Team Lead has forgot Moodle password, then please use this link to reset


  • *will be sent via email*

Evaluation Criteria

*Will be sent via email to the qualified entries*

Evaluation: The maps will be evaluated for 100 marks on the following criteria: 

  • Methodology/ Data/ GIS steps/ Complexity used (60 marks).
  • Potential application of the map (40 marks).